FINRA has investor education materials such as BrokerCheck, which provides insight into firms and financial advisors.

Our Mission

Financial freedom is the ability to spend your time however you wish. Our goal as financial advisors is to offer you practical advice on how to achieve the freedom to live your ideal life and pursue what truly matters to you.

How do we do it? We recognize that no single strategy can work for every client, so our Prosperity Process starts by thoroughly understanding your personal circumstances and future goals. We use that knowledge to develop a fully customized financial roadmap that emphasizes flexibility, risk management, and a deep understanding of your personal needs. Our wealth building strategies are designed to create durable income that can survive market downturns.

Our approach to wealth management is built on four pillars:

Honesty: We always tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear, and our clients appreciate it. We communicate clearly in good markets and bad and make sure that you are comfortable with the strategies we develop.

Transparency: As independent financial advisors, we have the freedom to be completely transparent. We don’t have proprietary investments or sales quotas, giving us the ability to put your needs at the center of everything we do.

Access: Through our strategic relationships, we can offer you access to a range of investments designed to help you achieve your financial goals regardless of what markets are doing.

Service: Our service model allows us to provide the highest level of concierge service to the exclusive group of clients we serve. Our team focuses on creating a fully personalized experience for each client.