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Our Process

We believe that the best financial outcomes are achieved when we begin with our clients’ goals in mind. To help ensure that we leave no issue unexplored and no question unasked, we created a rigorous five-step Prosperity Process that puts your needs at the center.

Initial Discovery Meetings

The first phase of the Prosperity Process is based around in-depth discovery meetings that help us understand your ideal lifestyle and vision of the future. We take as much time as we need to explore your interests, goals, values, and priorities in life. We also carefully analyze your current cash flow, insurance risk, and test your attitude about risk.

Goal Analysis & Development

Through an ongoing series of discussions, we will use the detailed knowledge we gathered about your personal and financial situation to create explicit financial goals. We use these objectives to guide the creation of truly customized financial strategies and measure future success by your progress towards your goals.

Wealth Navigator Creation

In this phase of the process, we bring together all the pieces of your financial life: your assets, your current strategies, your goals, your hopes, and your attitude about risk. We carefully analyze your current situation from financial, legal, risk, and tax perspectives to identify any opportunities and red flags. By thoroughly examining your financial picture and using sophisticated tools to test our assumptions, we help you create a roadmap for your ideal future. We may also meet with outside accounting, estate, and legal professionals, creating a team of experts to help you manage your financial life.

Wealth Navigator Implementation

In this phase, we present your personalize Wealth Navigator roadmap, explaining every detail, answering all of your questions, and making adjustments as needed. Once we are satisfied that you fully understand your roadmap and are committed to taking action, we will mutually decide to move forward together. Our team will work closely with you during every step of the implementation process to keep you informed and address any issues.

Wealth Maintenance & Support

Once we’ve implemented your roadmap, we check in with you frequently to update you about your personal progress and market conditions. We pride ourselves on communicating regularly with our clients and anticipating their every need.