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Ashley C. Burnaugh

Ashley C. Burnaugh

Director of Operations

Ashley is originally from the Antelope Valley after 15 years in Simi Valley she made her big move to Port Huenueme. She graduated from Royal High School and immediately joined the full time work force, and in between careers graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art Institute of Hollywood, California.

Over the years Ashley mainly worked in the medical field, in areas such as optometry and audiology. Being familiar with the ever changing and fast paced flow, she found herself in the financial industry and joined the Burr Financial, Inc. team in September of 2013.

Ashley lives with her husband, Remy, and their cat and dog. They spend a lot of time with Remy’s wonderful twelve-year-old son, who enjoys reading and video games. He is hoping to be an animator when he grows up.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys going to concerts and spending time with good friends over good food. Ashley presents a light-hearted, sincere, and well organized persona, and is always prepared to assist you with anything you may need!